Apps That Can Actually Help Your Home Inspection Business

Ah yes, the new year is upon us and we’ve all set our resolutions to lose weight, make more money or have already given up. Either way a fresh start is always nice, so Happy New Year to everyone and get out there and crush it!

It seems that every week there is a new tech tool that will help you be more efficient and spend less time working. While we at Clipboard love the good intentions behind these tools you have to make sure these apps aren’t actually just slowing you down and giving you a false sense of accomplishment.

To help weed out the time wasters we’ve put together just a few that we wanted to make sure you knew about. Check them and consider how they could help your home inspection business. It’s not a one size fits `, but we found most all these to be effective when used properly.

1. Team Communication with Slack

We use Slack every day. It’s our go-to communication tool. I don’t even remember the last time I sent an email to one of the Clipboard staff. We all communicate in Slack. It’s like a chat room for your business. If you’re a multi-inspector team you would find great benefit in a platform like this where all communication is happening in one place. You can chat privately with individual team members or have a group conversation. All conversations are searchable and you can even upload documents and photos. Say goodbye to buried emails and long email chains.

2. Task and Project Organization with Trello

Trello is a free app that allows you to create a board where you can create lists. It’s the digital version of putting sticky notes on a whiteboard. With Trello you can take that whiteboard with you wherever you go. One technique that we love to use with Trello is the Kanban methodology. Here is a great article on how to setup Trello using the Kanban method. Using this method with Trello allows you to get a bird’s-eye view or your home inspection business’s tasks and projects. It’s a great way to see what you need to get done and what you have accomplished.

3. Photo Storage with Amazon

For some reason many people don’t know about this perk offered to Amazon Prime members. If you have a Prime membership with Amazon you can access unlimited photo storage on their cloud servers. What?! Trash those hard drives that take up room and back up all of your home inspection photos on your own personal limitless cloud storage. The best part is that now you can access those inspection photos from anywhere! Go do it now before your computer crashes.


These extras are good to check out if you’re a power tech user and can effectively utilize productivity apps.

Time Tracking- Toggl

Email Management- Newton

Automating workflows- Zapier